Monday, October 1, 2012


Do you guys often fooled by banners? Or maybe it just me :( Let me tell you my story...A couple of weeks  ago, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT saw those 50% off banner in front of Stevan Meat Shop, it said that the promotion will be ended on the last day of September. So last weekend, almost reach the end of September, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT rushed to Stevan and expecting to get the big discount. Apparently, the promotion wasn't valid for weekend and the steak from their meat bar not included in the promotion. Sigh...we fought those crazy traffic for nothing. But we still ate there anyway, chewing every bite with big disappointment hihihi

Stevan is a meat shop where we can choose our meat and get it cooked there. Mr.HATT choose a 200gr something US Rib Eye meat for IDR.100,000 plus a set of Bbq sauce, colesaw, mashed potato and have to pay IDR.35,000 extra. Mr.HATT asked for the steak to be cooked medium, but he got a bloody hell of steak, too rare, he didn't really enjoy it. Ms.AH took a spoonful of the mashed potato, it was good, kinda milky and salty, really heart it. Well, no further comment for the sauce, Ms.AH definitely can buy a dozen bottles of those Bbq sauce in the local grocery store.

Ms.AH ordered a 170 gr of AUS tenderloin meat plus a set of black pepper sauce, salad, and herb potatoes for IDR.135,000. Ms.AH asked the steak to be cooked medium-well, thank God it was perfectly cooked for Ms.AH liking. The steak was tender and still juicy but cooked well, very different from Mr.HATT's steak. As for the additional, the salad was fresh, no complain for the herbs potatoes, and the sauce just so-so, too thick for Ms.AH taste. Let just hope Ms.AH will get a real discount if there's next time. Still unsure, whether there will be next time or not, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT still debating the possibilities :P

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