Monday, October 22, 2012


Long...long time ago #when Ms.AH was still single and looking hihihi...Katsusei already exist and Ms.AH been dining there once. It was a blur memory but one thing is crystal clear, they are damn pricey.  Last month, Ms.AH's favorite voucher website were selling Katsusei with a quite reasonable price, so to refresh Ms.AH's memory about Katsusei, why not buying? Now, let's see what Ms.AH and Mr.HATT were having there.

Katsusei emerge as a place to have premium and healthier katsu, they fried their katsu with canola oil and special technique that make their katsu non-greasy. One unique thing here, we have to grind fresh sesame seeds and mix it with katsu sauce that available in every table for dipping. So before eating, we are expected to have some exercise first :P

Ms.AH is fussy about meat, can't eat the fatty part, can't eat other than chicken breast, hate porky smell, definitely don't eat pork unless cooked as meatball,etc. That's leave Ms.AH with variation of seafood katsu and chicken cheese katsu *which is using the breast chicken meat* to choose from. Bored with seafood so Ms.AH was having the chicken cheese katsu set. Every set come with rice, pickles, salad and soup. 

Salad and pickles were just not Ms.AH's thing, so passed...the soup was good but not special (we picked one of two options, miso or pork soup # read Ms.AH's early statement, you'll easily guess what was Ms.AH's chosen soup). The rice is those japanese yummy rice, couldn't stop eating it. And for the star, chicken cheese katsu, every ingredients in the dish were screaming fresh , fresh, and fresh, good quality meats and delish melted cheese. Personally, Ms.AH prefer katsu with more seasoning, but Katsusei is more like the original version with high quality ingredients.

Mr.HATT like it big and meaty, he opt for 200gr of sirloin pork katsu and of course he went for the pork soup too. Ms.AH didn't try his food this time, but it was huge and according to him, the overall taste was great. Not every place have good pork katsu, so it's a plus point.

Our meals were including two small *very* scoop of macadamia ice creams. As an ice cream fans, this  one was really out of Ms.AH's list. Sorry, but Ms.AH couldn't even finish this ice cream, it tasted so much like butter and Ms.AH think that butter taste is just not meant for an ice cream flavour. Well, the conclusion is...if it wasn't with voucher, Ms.AH wont paying a visit here again. The quality of foods are great but is it worth the price? Ms.AH didn't think so.

*Note : expect to pay around IDR.500.000,- for two (without promo)

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