Thursday, October 18, 2012


Once upon a time...errr....last week for more exact, Mr.HATT had this severe craving of 'drunken shrimps'. After doing a little research, Mr. HATT suggested that we eat at SunCity. For those who haven't been too familiar with the dish, let Ms.AH give some enlighten :D Drunken shrimp is referring to live shrimps cooked with wine,  no... the shrimps didn't get drunk because of drinking, hmmm just a little maybe? Usually the chef will cooked this dish in  front of the customer, entertain us with a little cooking acrobatic.

Well, the process will look more or less like this, first, the restaurant staff will bring out all the ingredients-the still alive shrimps, the seasoning, the wine,etc.- and utensils to our table (or at least to somewhere near our table) then the show start. The unlucky shrimps will be seasoned, mixed with some wine, cooked in a pan, and the climax will be the moment when more wine poured into the pan and the chef spark a fire in the pan. And voila, after all the torture, finally the shrimps are ready and looked appetizing.

Well since the shrimps were cooked alive, no doubt it tasted very fresh and succulent. The shrimps were seasoned lightly with garlic, chives, and a bit of fresh chillies, that way, the original flavour of the shrimps were stood up. It was good more because of the freshness.

Really...every feast need some fried foods whatsoever. This time we choose 'cumi cabai garam', it was crunchy, the squid was not hard to chew, salty in a good way. Quite enjoyable this squid was.

Ms.AH never heard or tried 'ayam garam panggang' before and SunCity have it, so it was our next dish. Well, tasted just like ordinary chinese style grilled chicken, nothing to brag about, an okay chicken, that's it!

In order to get a little less guilty feeling of 'put in more fats', we ordered 'kailan cah bawang putih'. Must say that this was one of the most delish veggie, cooked in perfection, still very crunchy, and smelled very fragrant. Ms.AH wonder, how to cooked vegetables to tasted like this one.

To make it worst, we were not eating plain rice but 'yang chow fried rice', well...well...welcome fats :P Ms.AH surely won't get slimmer any time soon. The fried rice was nice and savory enough, no regret ordered this rice.

So that night... Mr.HATT happy, Ms.AH sattisfied, what is our next craving? Stay reading for more XD

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