Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Finally, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT successfully...officially...try the 'IT' ramen in town. Learning from the past, cash stashed *not much* in wallet and arrived at the scene after their peak hours (way over lunch time, around 2 PM something and they almost closed for afternoon tea break) had made our way going smoothly. Ms.AH was ordering  Ikkudo's Tori Kara, chicken ramen with ikkudo's special secret red spicy sauce. As you may all aware, here in Ikkudo we can customized the richness of the broth, the texture of our ramen, etc. and Ms.AH opt everything to be normal and had the curly type ramen. 

Now, let's get down to the bowl, shall we? First, the chicken broth was rich but not as thick as the one in Ikkousha, it was a good thing because a very thick and overly rich broth just make Ms.AH get nausea. The spicy sauce thingy add a little kick but not that spicy nor special. Next, the ramen itself was great, chewy yet springy...really delish. Then, here goes the tamago, tasted like ordinary soft-boiled egg, the textured was good, the golden center was still a bit runny, oh well the Marutama's tamago still the winner by the way. The last thing is about those thin slices of chicken, Ms.AH didn't eat it, all went straight to Mr.HATT's tummy. From the looked of it, Ms.AH think they were okay.

Mr. HATT of course, choosing Ikkudo's Buta Kara, pork ramen with Ikkudo's special secret red spicy sauce. He also added tori chashu aka chicken chashu and beansprouts. He thought that Ikkudo have the flavour and all but he still prefer ramen from Ikkousha.  

Eating ramen won't feel the same without gyozas, so here they are...It was pork gyozas  (grilled) that we were having. The wrapper was not too thick, the filling was juicy and nice seasoned. Overall it was good  gyozas but Ms.AH still think that Chinese kuotie is more decent. Ramen, gyoza, they are all nice, but to be honest, Ms.AH never really a big fan. Unlike those  humble Chinese style chicken noodles that can be eaten on regular basis by Ms.AH, Japanese ramen is the kind of food that makes Ms.AH easily fed up and won't be eating for quite some time. Well it just me, how about you?


  1. hmmmmmmm ... jadi ngiler


  2. Enaaaak n emang pantes diilerin nih ramen hehehe...