Thursday, October 11, 2012


One day, Ms.AH and mom did groceries shopping at Carrefour Permata Hijau. Since there wasn't much choice, we decided to grab some light meal at the food court. Mom claimed that she heard some good reviews about one of the kiosk, Mie Bangka Bintaro, so we gave it a try lah. This is what we ordered at the time.

The mie ayam Bangka was nice, got the crunchiness of beansprouts, the chicken bites seasoned well with soy sauce, and the noodle was springy al-dante style. It was quite a good noodle.

To accompany our noodle, we also ordered 'tahu kok', a Bangka style fish ball soup. This dish unfortunately didn't make Ms.AH happy, the fish ball kinda fishy and the soup was tasteless. There won't be next time for this one.

Mom's all time favorite is 'es doger' while Ms.AH never been really a fan of this dessert. So, according to her it was good and Ms.AH just reported it to you guys :D This es doger bought from a stall just across mie bangka kiosk, can't remember the name of the stall, sorry... Just for the  sake of eating noodle, Ms.AH will come back.

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