Sunday, October 14, 2012


The weekend just ended *darn* and let's get our spirit up to start Monday by looking at this beautiful lookin' ice cream creation.  Sorry, exaggerating a bit :P , you know Ms.AH's affair with ice cream, it's a never ending story. Once again, yesterday Ms.AH was happened to be in the same neighbourhood with Island Creamery *hooray* (Ms.AH attending a very wild party in that area, well... a little guy turned 1 year old, what can be more wild than that *grin*)

Soon after the usual burgers, fries, fried chicken, nuggets ( all are Ms.AH's favorite too XD ), Ms.AH couldn't help it but stepped inside this ice cream heaven. Yesterday Mr.HATT was not coming (his lost) so, Ms.AH's bro took over his spot. Fyi, he never try this Island Creamery, got another good reason to come huh. Ms.AH was in the mood for sundae ice cream and choose the classic hot fudge. 

The sundae come with two scoops ice cream but the funny thing is we can't change both of the original flavours given. We can only change one flavour then have to stick with one of the two original flavour of their creation. The hot fudge supposedly came with a scoop of cookies & cream and a scoop of reverso (chocolate & cookies) but Ms.AH opted to get kahlua latte and reverso instead. Kahlua latte flavour great as always and the reverso was as great as the first. The chocolate of this reverso was so dense and intense but not too bitter, exactly Ms.AH's liking. Other parts of the sundae were nice, maybe got a little too much of whip cream, but it was easily solved by removing most of them to Ms.AH's bro's plate XP

Without any further babbling, all Ms.AH got to say is the mud pie...superb, loaded with yummy oreo bits in it, got the right amount of sweetness, got everything that needed to be declared as a very tasty & yummy dessert. Only one thing missing, the location of this store. Ms.AH just wished  that they open a new closer outlet from Ms.AH's area. It's not like everyday Ms.AH get invited to  a party  at Alam Sutra right?

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