Friday, November 30, 2012


Di masa expecting dini ini, Ms.AH rasanya seperti jadi orang laen aja, dikit-dikit feeling blue, males berkepanjangan (loh bukannya dari dulu itu mah?), dan catet nih, paling penting! selera makan ancur banget. Jangan harap deh Ms.AH mau diajak ke fancy restoran sekarang, wong maunya makan makanan ala kampung aja. Aneh bin ajaibnya lagi, Ms.AH benci banget sama semua yang ada hubungannya sama keju padahal biasanya keju adalah dewanya makanan buat Ms.AH. Jadi di sebuah wiken yang tidak terlalu ceria, Ms.AH memaksa Mr.HATT untuk nyetir ke MKG khusus buat makan bubur ayam ala abang gerobak tapi versi bersihnya di food court MKG 1.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hai...hai...lanjut dari posting sebelumnya, Ms.AH kan bilang kalo kita punya good news. It's officially true jadi udah boleh di-share nih ceritanya :D Soon, little Ms.AH or little Mr.HATT will be coming to this world...yay...mohon doanya yah biar semuanya bae-bae aja :D Nah sehubungan dengan hal itu, maap maap aja kalo Ms.AH bawaannya males mulu, gak mau ngapa-ngapain, bahkan gak suka makan! Wadaw...bentar lagi mesti ganti nama nih, udah gak laper terus sih. Nah waktu ke Spageddies ini emang rasanya udah rada aneh, tapi belom pasti kenapa, Mr.HATT sih makan AYCE tapi Ms.AH yang udah gak napsu itu cuma beli Oriental Chicken Salad sama minum jus apel doang (dengan catatan tentu aja nyomot-nyomot makanannya Mr.HATT, biar bisa pesen lumayan banyak dan gak rugi tentunya). Mau tau selengkapnya? Yuk bacaaa terusss XP

Friday, November 16, 2012


Apakah sudah ada yang bertanya-tanya kenapa Ms.AH rada lama gak laporan-laporan tentang makanan? Gak ada yang tanya ya.... :( ?  Ya udah gapapa, karena Ms.AH dan Mr.HATT lagi hepi berat tapi kata orang pamali kalo diceritain sekarang euy, nanti aja kalo udah pasti xixixixi. Eniwei, mari kita kembali ke topik. Minggu lalu Ms.AH, Mr.HATT, cici ipar, dan suaminya lunch bareng di Xi Men Ding, Senayan City, beginilah ceritanya...

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Ayo...apa bedanya bakmi sama mi aja? Menurut mbah google, bakmi itu sebenernya gabungan dari 2 kata dialek Hokkian ; bak (daging babi) dan mi. Jadi kalo mi topingnya daging ayam maka gak bisa disebut bakmi ayam tapi cukup mi ayam aja. Nah jadi 'Bakmi Ayam Alok' menurut tata bahasa itu tidak bener dan bakmi-bakmi lain yang topingnya bukan daging babi :) *sok pinter banget dah* Eniwei, Ms.AH gak pernah bosen sama yang namanya mi ayam, beda kalo ketemu ramen yang ngetrend itu, kalo sama ramen, abis makan sekali rasanya minimal tiga bulan kemudian baru pengen makan lagi. Kalo mi ayam sih tiap minggu makan juga Ms.AH hepi. Dari sekian ribu entah berapa ribu tepatnya tempat makan mi ayam, Ms.AH punya tempat mi ayam jagoan, namanya bakmi ayam Alok.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Ms.AH's busy cousin was having a birthday and she managed to squish a late lunch date between her hectic routine. We went to Kitchenette at CP,  Ms.AH and mom were there early so we just waited on the spot. We had Melon Frost Frosty Elixir, Lychee Berry Frosty Elixirs, and seaweed & melted cheddar cheese fries to accompany us, the waiting girls. Melon Frost was great, very was a mixed of melon and kiwi fruit drink, blended with ice and filled up with a lot of kiwi chunks inside. Mom's Lychee Berry also nice, a mixed between lychee and blue berry, garnished with a few lychees fruit but, this one was sour, not really Ms.AH's type. Move to the munched, seaweed fries was delicious, the seasoning tasted so much alike Taro seaweed flavour :P and what can go wrong with cheese & fries combo? Absolutely nothing!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


It's been a while since the last time Ms.AH treated mom and dad with breakfast / lunch / dinner, so being a good devoted daughter, Ms.AH recently brought them to Hachi Hachi Bistro, an old player of Japanese food eating place, owned by local. The first thing that Ms.AH remembered is their spicy seafood yaki udon. Stir fried udon and seafood cooked in spicy sauce. This udon used to be really spicy, it will bring tears in your both eyes. Too bad, yesterday there was only a hint of spiciness but, everything else were good. The udon cooked well, the seafood was put generously, well seasoned, and good portion *important lol*. Just like the good ol' days minus spicy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Do you remember the time when zuppa soup was a big hit in culinary world?  Forgot exactly when  but, maybe around 7-8 years ago? Well, Ms.AH simply heart the creamy chicken soup covered with big layered puffy pastry, sooo damn good!  So far, this combination never failed Ms.AH any where, any time, any occasion. In one hungry afternoon, Ms.AH was wondering around MTA with mom and remembered that Saint Cinnamon is selling those zuppa soup that we never managed to try before. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Lately, those voucher site haven't got any interesting promo that made Ms.AH's heart skip a bit XP. If anybody out there know about new interesting voucher promo website other than those usual, please let Ms.AH know, will you? From food and beverage voucher purchased, Share Tea is Ms.AH's last stock. With the voucher, we can get 5 different drinks for as little as IDR.50,000,- not bad huh? Visiting MTA have been a ritual for Ms.AH since mom and dad are actually living above the mall, so Ms.AH choose Share Tea MTA outlet as the pick up point. The place is colorful and cheerful, exactly  like how a good bubble tea place should be. The variation of their drinks are not as wide as other joints but they do offered some quirky flavours and varieties such as choco cheese something, blended drinks with ice cream which is almost never found in other bubble tea spots. 

Monday, November 5, 2012


It's a common thing to crave for something, in Ms.AH's case it happens regularly. Ms.AH's last crave was a simple chocolate brownies. Whoever said that mistake isn't meant to be repeated must haven't heard about how brownies invented. People saying that one time, a chef was about to make a chocolate cake but he didn't put baking soda so the cake turned out to be the famous brownies that we all familiar with nowadays. Usually Ms.AH is not really a big fan of brownies until last week, when suddenly, from out of the blue, Ms.AH had a strong urge to eat brownies. Ms.AH did try a few chocolate brownies from three different places, here come the story now...


Well, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT continue our less excited weekend with dining in Go Curry! on the following Sunday night. It wasn't our first time, we knew exactly what to order, how will it tasted, how much it will cost, surprised at all. What surprised us was the heavy traffic, c'mon it was Sunday! We were heading to PP from Kelapa Gading, everything was fine until Senayan area and the horror began. Jakarta's traffic is really sucks! Ooops, sorry! Anyway, let's get back to the foods.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ms.AH and Mr. HATT had a rather less exciting weekend. We didn't feel like trying some new restaurant, we didn't have the urge for eating, we were not really into foods.  Ms.AH once heard, when you are aging, you are not getting excited over things that you used to love as much as before. So that's mean Ms.AH and Mr.HATT are getting old and boring? truth is...we both feel a bit frustrated because of our gained *weight* Considering our problem, on the supposedly the funnest night on a week, we only had hotpot without rice at XO Suki & Cuisine. Some boiled foods seems like less fat, less guilty right?

For those who never tried, Ms.AH will inform you that in XO you got to picked your shabu-shabu contents from 2 big chiller display, usually they put their display at the back of their restaurant. They arranged a wide varieties of meat balls, from beef to salmon, dumplings, slices beef, vegetables, noodles, and everything else that used to be throw in a hotpot. All those stuff is putting in small different colors plate which differentiate the price. At the end of your meal, the waiter will calculate your plates, what colors are they, and then giving you the bill. Maybe you can bring one of your big tote bag and hiding a few plates to save a bit of your pocket but, of course it just an idea, Ms.AH is an honest lady you know XP

Saturday, November 3, 2012


A couple of days ago, Ms.AH went to MTA to renew passport but failed because of one incompetent person in the travel agency. Well, don't make a big fuss over a small unnecessary matter, let's just eat and be merry, shall we XD ? Since it was only Ms.AH and mom, we were looking for some light bites. It  was occur to Ms.AH that we haven't checking in to Sushi Groove for some times. So we did checking into there.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Not having any luck with fried chicken steak along the weekend, on the following Sunday night, Ms.AH made Mr.HATT to promise to take Ms.AH eating some fried chicken asap. As a real gentleman, Mr.HATT keep his promised and we went to Wendy's on the next day. Starting  the week with fast food, not bad huh :D We ordered a lot...really a lot...of those junk *feeling guilty afterward*