Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Before continuing my Belitung trip story, let me share about this newest gelato place in town.... Grom! From Italy to errrrr....Pacific Place :) since it is becoming the IT place for gelato, now is the perfect time to write about this place, can't postpone it any longer. Should write it while its hot!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Let's continue our food journey in Belitung stop is Bakmie Achoi, still in Tanjung Pandan city. Well, after having a small breakfast at Warung Mak Janah our glutonny instinct lead us to this bakmie eatery. The place looked very similar with any other authentic bakmie stall in Jakarta...rather small place, simple, humble, and the kitchen located in front of the sitting area.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Hellow!! It's 'harpitnas' aka hari kejepit nasional aka I wish I could have days off and here I am....still in the office but, my mind is on vacation lol...So, let me continue about my last Belitung trip. When I did my research about Belitung, I was curious about this small warung owned and named as Mak Janah....yes it is Warung Mak Janah. She sells Belitung staple simple meals such as mie Belitung, suto or soto Belitung, gado-gado, etc. I have tried the mie Belitung so my main target in Warung Mak Janah is their famous soto Belitung. From what I read, I can be sure that this soto is more suitable for my palatte than mie Belitung.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


People of Belitung Island, especially the men have this daily habit to visit  local coffee shops that scattered around the island. One of the famous coffee shop located in Tanjung Pandan is Kong Djie. The coffee shop have several branches and I happened to visit the one located inside BW Suites Hotel. The visit was somehow unplanned, in one afternoon  mister and I was  driving around the city which I tell you.....such a short drive! Suddenly I feel the urged to pee and there was a tall building standing right in front of our rental car. It is BW Suites Hotel, the hotel that we considered as our accomodation for this trip. We decided to stop by and take a I need to used the toilet anyway. Later, we found Kong Djie coffee stall in front of the swimming pool and since we were quite full at the time, we only shared a glass of ice milk coffee.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


One thing from Belitung Island that as famous as the beaches might be this...not places but a person named Andrea Hirata. He is the one who brought Belitung Islands to people's acknowledgement, worldwide! How? He wrote the famous fiction book about a group of kids who live in Belitung Island. The book title is The Rainbow Troops and it becomes international best seller. As a novel lover myself, I think Andrea Hirata's books are very interesting. I collect almost every book that he wrote. So, in between enjoying pretty beaches time Ms.AH forced Mr.HATT to drive to Belitung Timur where the famous Andrea Hirata built a museum. I'm not a museum girl, I just driven by the power of Andrea Hirata hahaha.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


In Belitung, hotels choice are limited, the better one located  mostly in Tanjung Pandan city. When we choose our hotel for this trip, miss and mister were in dilema between BW Suites or Grand Hatika, both are 4 stars hotel. At the end, the hotel's price was the one who made all the decision. We choose Grand Hatika with IDR. 700.000 something per night (including breakfast) over IDR.900.000 something per night for BW Suites .

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


After spending a night in Lor In Villa, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT moved to Grand Hatika Hotel (more thoughts of this hotel in the next post ok) in Tanjung Pandan city. Before check in, we visit the famous Mie Atep on Sriwijaya street. Every tour package or let's  just say that everybody who visit Belitung will definetely put mie Atep in their eating scenario. So why don't we? Eventhough judging from some reviews...I can be sure that this mie isn't really my cup of tea.

Monday, September 14, 2015


While spending a night or two in Tanjung Tinggi area, your choice of food is limited...whether it's something that really simple like instant noodles or seafood. My choice...without doubt... is seafood definitely. There are some seafood restaurants in Tanjung Tinggi, some of them are located right in front of the beach. How cool is that!! We gotta eat with some view...a really beautiful one indeed. Ms.AH and Mr.HATT choose randomly this one place named RM.Congbu. This is the view that we got.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Ms.AH bela-belain nginep semalem di Lor In Villa biar bisa puas maen di pantai Tanjung Tinggi aka pantai Laskar Pelangi. Bingung juga sih, ceritanya Ikal cs sekolah di daerah Gantong deket Manggar tapi maenannya di Pantai Tanjung Tinggi yang berjarak 70an km dari Gantong#skipajagakpenting. Eniwei, kayanya sih kalo cuma beberapa jam doang di Tanjung Tinggi kayanya kurang puas. Ms.AH aja yang udah nginep semalem, maen dua hari berturut-turut di pantai ini berasa masih kurang! Kode buat mister biar ngajak ke Belitung lagi hahaha.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Hellow from Belitung! Ms.AH en Mr.HATT baru aja ehm...ehm...pulang dari romantic gateaway hihihi. Kali ini kami memilih pulaunya Laskar Pelangi yang kalo dibrowsing-browsing cakepnya gak ketulungan (ternyata emang beneran super cakep, we really enjoyed our time there). For all the beach lover out there, please do come to Belitung Islands, you won't regret it. Seperti biasa kami memilih buat sewa mobil nyetir sendiri selama di sana. Miss dan mister menyewa mobil Avanza dari yang  harganya Idr.250.000 sehari tanpa supir dan tanpa bbm. Susah gak sih nyetir sendiri di Belitung, well...asal punya GPS ( in our case...waze app) no problemo at all! Dan pastinya juga udah tau ya sebelumnya mau ke mana aja, makan apa aja,nginep di mana aja...trus sampe di sana ya tinggal nyalain aja deh GPSnya. Not hard at all! Ohya provider hp yang sinyalnya bagus di Belitung adalah Telkomsel dan Xl...make sure that you bring sim card from those two.