Sunday, September 27, 2015


Let's continue our food journey in Belitung stop is Bakmie Achoi, still in Tanjung Pandan city. Well, after having a small breakfast at Warung Mak Janah our glutonny instinct lead us to this bakmie eatery. The place looked very similar with any other authentic bakmie stall in Jakarta...rather small place, simple, humble, and the kitchen located in front of the sitting area.

First, I must inform you that this bowl of heaven is not 'halal', sorry...Secondly, I think the bowl of Bakmie Achoi is the best meal of our whole Belitung trip. was that good. The noodle is very springy, savoury, seasoned well...and comes with some fish balls that compliment everything. The meat topping is minced pork and they were given generously on top. It was such a sattisfying meal, miss and mister still missing that bowl until now. Bakmie Achoi really need to open a branch in Jakarta, don't you think so?

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