Monday, November 5, 2012


It's a common thing to crave for something, in Ms.AH's case it happens regularly. Ms.AH's last crave was a simple chocolate brownies. Whoever said that mistake isn't meant to be repeated must haven't heard about how brownies invented. People saying that one time, a chef was about to make a chocolate cake but he didn't put baking soda so the cake turned out to be the famous brownies that we all familiar with nowadays. Usually Ms.AH is not really a big fan of brownies until last week, when suddenly, from out of the blue, Ms.AH had a strong urge to eat brownies. Ms.AH did try a few chocolate brownies from three different places, here come the story now...

Got this baby from Starbucks @ Senayan City, it was actually an espresso chocolate brownies. It got some multi layered taste and complexity that gave you different dimension of flavour and texture. This brownies garnished with some thin dark chocolate blocks that tasted out of this world and under it, we will get a rich and complex taste of coffee meet chocolate. The texture was dry like how it used to be and this one was simply a party in Ms.AH's mouth.

Then there were some brownies bought from Mrs.Fields at Gandaria City. They have four variations of brownies, the fact is all the brownies tasted the same but they have different nuts on the top of it. Well, it was a bad purchased, tasted bad, didn't have enough chocolate in it, the nuts tasted like old nuts and not crunchy. After the bad experienced, Ms.AH continue buying other brownies, the craving wasn't over yet

Ms.AH's last resort, tried a brownies from Famous Amos at Senayan City. Ms.AH is always been and always will be a loyal eater of their chocolate chip cookies, those chocolate chip cookies is really to die for...Well, with that reputation, how can Ms.AH didn't have a high expectation for their other products. Sadly, their chocolate brownies was just so-so, nothing special worth to mentioned about this one. Ms.AH will just passed on. So do you recently have food craving? Ms.AH will love to hear more about that :D Cheers...

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