Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Do you remember the time when zuppa soup was a big hit in culinary world?  Forgot exactly when  but, maybe around 7-8 years ago? Well, Ms.AH simply heart the creamy chicken soup covered with big layered puffy pastry, sooo damn good!  So far, this combination never failed Ms.AH any where, any time, any occasion. In one hungry afternoon, Ms.AH was wondering around MTA with mom and remembered that Saint Cinnamon is selling those zuppa soup that we never managed to try before. 

Since a zuppa soup always need a good oven heat before being served, we had to wait patiently like 10 minutes before the soup arrived on our table. It came piping hot, the puff was very crunchy outside and became heavenly soggy when you drowned it into the milky cream soup. The buttery layered of puff pastry was a match from heaven with the chicken cream soup, just add a dab of chili sauce to gave it more kick.  See, I told you before....nothing can't go wrong with zuppa soup around.

While waiting for the soup, Ms.AH and mom shared the double chocolate cinnamon bun. A hearty bun, fully covered with gooey melted chocolate inside out. This bun was good! Even though the chocolate was overpowering the whole taste but, hey...who hates chocolate anyway? I know, a cinnamon bun should tasted cinnamon but, can cinnamon defeat chocolate? Errrr...Ms.AH never think so XP

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