Thursday, November 1, 2012


Not having any luck with fried chicken steak along the weekend, on the following Sunday night, Ms.AH made Mr.HATT to promise to take Ms.AH eating some fried chicken asap. As a real gentleman, Mr.HATT keep his promised and we went to Wendy's on the next day. Starting  the week with fast food, not bad huh :D We ordered a lot...really a lot...of those junk *feeling guilty afterward*

As Ms.AH's main course, a crispy spicy fried chicken was sat on the table. It was covered with those crunchy salty batter, very crisp, and savoury. A bit too salty actually, so there wasn't such thing as under seasoned in those chickens but the bad was, lacking of the spicy taste. Not only fried chicken, Ms.AH also had baked potato with chili, it was Ms.AH's favorite food. Baked potato is a menu that you won't find in any other fast food chain restaurant, so make sure to order it while you dine here.

Mr.HATT decided it was a burger time, so he helped himself with a double cheese burger. It was huge but, the burger failed him. He said it wasn't tasted really fresh and a bit under seasoning while the burger best friend aka the fries were too damn salty * we sure will have a higher blood pressure after eating it* Along with everything, we ordered the cheese sauce; to be fries dipper; to be baked potato and chili friend; to be added inside the burger; to be everything that we ate that night. Yup, the cheese sauce was great with everything. What to say about Wendy' is like any other  int'l fast food joint, can't really go wrong, and they have 25% discount *alert for those discount junkies* for Mega Card holder.

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