Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ms.AH and Mr. HATT had a rather less exciting weekend. We didn't feel like trying some new restaurant, we didn't have the urge for eating, we were not really into foods.  Ms.AH once heard, when you are aging, you are not getting excited over things that you used to love as much as before. So that's mean Ms.AH and Mr.HATT are getting old and boring? truth is...we both feel a bit frustrated because of our gained *weight* Considering our problem, on the supposedly the funnest night on a week, we only had hotpot without rice at XO Suki & Cuisine. Some boiled foods seems like less fat, less guilty right?

For those who never tried, Ms.AH will inform you that in XO you got to picked your shabu-shabu contents from 2 big chiller display, usually they put their display at the back of their restaurant. They arranged a wide varieties of meat balls, from beef to salmon, dumplings, slices beef, vegetables, noodles, and everything else that used to be throw in a hotpot. All those stuff is putting in small different colors plate which differentiate the price. At the end of your meal, the waiter will calculate your plates, what colors are they, and then giving you the bill. Maybe you can bring one of your big tote bag and hiding a few plates to save a bit of your pocket but, of course it just an idea, Ms.AH is an honest lady you know XP

So we were worried about gaining, but it turned out that we picked quite a lot...sigh...Let's see, we got chicken dumpling, squid balls, fried shrimp tofu, shrimp dumpling, chikuwa, hipiao with chicken, beef ball, green veggie, and shitake mushroom.

For the hotpot broth, we can choose between chicken soup and tom yam soup, or we can even have both. Ms.AH and Mr.HATT didn't feel like having some sourish soup based, so we just went with the simple chicken soup.

These were the example of the result. On the table, XO serves some fried chopped garlic that goes well with the soup and the sweet-sour-spicy dipping. Everything in the pot tasted fairly nice and fresh but, Ms.AH must say that the shrimp dumpling was the winner of the night. It was wrapped in a nice thin flour dough and the shrimp was extremely fresh, very succulent, sweet, and juicy. From a portion of five pieces, Ms.AH had four of them and only gave Mr.HATT one of those, poor him...

Not really satisfied only with a big hotpot, Mr.HATT insisted to order a half portion of grilled chicken with garlic. When the dish came, we were shocked to see how the garlic covered everything on the plate. It wasn't looked right. As predicted, this dish was a disappointment, the flavour was lacking of something, despite the overwhelming garlic in it. The good point is, those chicken meat was tender and juicy, but, that's all about it. 
XO is having 30% discount for Mega Card payment, but they don't come cheap. The actual cost of everything was IDR.350,000,- something and became IDR. 250,000,- something after the discount. Well, Ms.AH always likes their hotpot and will certainly come back, errrr...maybe next year :D There's still a lot more interesting eating place out there that needed to be explored anyway.


  1. dulu pertama kali nyobain di sby, rasa nya makyusss tapi sekarang lebih banyak makan Ita suki PI karna deket rumah hehehe

    1. Ita Suki used to be my fave juga sebenernya, tapi XO Suki promonya selalu lebih menggoda gitu loh hehehe...