Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Lately, those voucher site haven't got any interesting promo that made Ms.AH's heart skip a bit XP. If anybody out there know about new interesting voucher promo website other than those usual, please let Ms.AH know, will you? From food and beverage voucher purchased, Share Tea is Ms.AH's last stock. With the voucher, we can get 5 different drinks for as little as IDR.50,000,- not bad huh? Visiting MTA have been a ritual for Ms.AH since mom and dad are actually living above the mall, so Ms.AH choose Share Tea MTA outlet as the pick up point. The place is colorful and cheerful, exactly  like how a good bubble tea place should be. The variation of their drinks are not as wide as other joints but they do offered some quirky flavours and varieties such as choco cheese something, blended drinks with ice cream which is almost never found in other bubble tea spots. 

With the voucher, we can collect all the 5 drinks on single visit or just get it one in a time and back for more later. For starter, Ms.AH only got the Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea and will visit this place other time. Just like in any other place, we can customized the sugar level and how much ice that we want in our drink, as usual Ms.AH opt everything to be normal. In Ms.AH's opinion, the non-customized drink will showed how good the drink actually is without our (customer) interference. So how good was this matcha? Well, sorry to was overly sweet and there wasn't even a hint of matcha bitterness. But the red bean was nicely put, we can easily sipped it without being stuck in the middle of the straw, so the red bean was quite enjoyable. Let's cross fingers for the better drink on next visit. Will be back with other Share Tea stories guys.

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