Thursday, November 8, 2012


It's been a while since the last time Ms.AH treated mom and dad with breakfast / lunch / dinner, so being a good devoted daughter, Ms.AH recently brought them to Hachi Hachi Bistro, an old player of Japanese food eating place, owned by local. The first thing that Ms.AH remembered is their spicy seafood yaki udon. Stir fried udon and seafood cooked in spicy sauce. This udon used to be really spicy, it will bring tears in your both eyes. Too bad, yesterday there was only a hint of spiciness but, everything else were good. The udon cooked well, the seafood was put generously, well seasoned, and good portion *important lol*. Just like the good ol' days minus spicy.

The tempura temaki was dedicated to mom so Ms.AH just let her enjoyed it by herself but, from the smile on her face while eating it, the temaki must be a good one. Or  did  she just fake it? Only God know :P

What is this unusual looking dish? It's a sushi bulgogi of course. Sushi rice with tobiko topped with beef in bulgogi sauce. Ms.AH just love this one! The beef was soft, juicy, umami sweet, and very well marinated. There was something different with those small tobiko balls, not fishy at all, very crunchy, popped in the mouth nicely. Well done chef!

Our last dish ; spicy calamari was good but not special except, its very cheap (IDR.29,000,-) for a roll this big. Oh, the calamari also very soft and easy to chew. Our dinner was satisfying, good  dinner that came with a good price. Ms.AH just had to pay IDR. 168,000,- for everything (all the foods plus 3 ocha, non-refill but, came in a big glass). Everybody happy, mission accomplish!

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