Friday, November 9, 2012


Ms.AH's busy cousin was having a birthday and she managed to squish a late lunch date between her hectic routine. We went to Kitchenette at CP,  Ms.AH and mom were there early so we just waited on the spot. We had Melon Frost Frosty Elixir, Lychee Berry Frosty Elixirs, and seaweed & melted cheddar cheese fries to accompany us, the waiting girls. Melon Frost was great, very was a mixed of melon and kiwi fruit drink, blended with ice and filled up with a lot of kiwi chunks inside. Mom's Lychee Berry also nice, a mixed between lychee and blue berry, garnished with a few lychees fruit but, this one was sour, not really Ms.AH's type. Move to the munched, seaweed fries was delicious, the seasoning tasted so much alike Taro seaweed flavour :P and what can go wrong with cheese & fries combo? Absolutely nothing!

After the birthday girl arrived, we began the real fiesta. Ms.AH didn't sure why but, we ordered a lot of appetizers. One of the healthiest, baby spinach salad with seaweed and wafu dressing, baby spinach wasn't really Ms.AH thing but the wafu sauce was very nice, got a hint of sesame oil that Ms.AH adore. Our second healthiest appetizer was spanish tomato soup, Ms.AH only tried very little of this soup, it wasn't memorable although there was a whole soft boiled egg inside, rare right? Then, the words 'crispy calamari frito with ginger mayo' kinda struck us so that what we got next! It was good, crunchy and soft inside but, couldn't say great for this one.

Our appetizers haven't stop there, here come the nacho style crispy potato chips with chili beans. Ms.AH's favorite of the day! Loaded with melted cheese, full of ground beef chunks, the chili was tasty and nice seasoned. Really...can you find something wrong in it? Ms.AH surely not. This dish was worth every rupiah.

Even though we got all those overwhelming appetizers but still, we ordered enchilladas with melted cheddar, jalapenos & homemade sour cream. Everything was put like how everything should be put in enchilladas but, something wasn't too right. Ms.AH thought it was lacking of some kicks, kinda boring it was. Plus, when it got cold, everything turned out rubbery, not so impressing indeed.

The Chinese belief that on somebody's birthday, noodles must be served to the birthday person  so he or she will live long, as long as the noodles can stretch. So we would be so wrong if not ordering at least one type of noodle, in this case, spaghetti aglio olio with wafu sauce, peperoncino, shrimp, and parsley. Too bad, this spaghetti wasn't something to be compared to the classic fried noodles, even for spaghetti family, this one was a failure. Tasted very weird, like sweet from soy sauce with a hint of spiciness, overall, the sauce was really not blended well. My poor cousin, she didn't get the noodles that she deserved. Despite of everything, we did have a lot of fun celebrating, chatting, and eating. Kitchenette also provided a comfy and nice place to do all of that so we were still happy in the end.

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