Saturday, November 3, 2012


A couple of days ago, Ms.AH went to MTA to renew passport but failed because of one incompetent person in the travel agency. Well, don't make a big fuss over a small unnecessary matter, let's just eat and be merry, shall we XD ? Since it was only Ms.AH and mom, we were looking for some light bites. It  was occur to Ms.AH that we haven't checking in to Sushi Groove for some times. So we did checking into there.

Sushi Groove is owned by the famous Ismaya Group but kinda forgotten since lately Ismaya have been created a lot other conceptual eateries that gain more attention. This sushi joint is offering a wide varieties of fusion sushi and other Japanese foods. They have changed their menu a couple of times since Ms.AH first encounter. Ms.AH used to love their sushi hamburger but it is gone already. One dish that looked a bit similar is lotus slider, but instead of using sushi rice as the burger bun, lotus slider is actually using lotus root to sandwiched the ground meats.

The lotus slider is lotus hamburger battered with tempura flour then fried to perfection, and finally drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Did it tasted like a hamburger? Well actually, it did in a way, except for the bun. Lotus root as the bun was far way more crispy and more healthy than the real bun, but also tasteless. That's why it got the ground meat to help and teriyaki sauce to gave it more kick. Overall, it was a nice and light dish, very suitable as an appetizer.

Even though sushi might look like a petite lady, but they are actually consist quite a lot of rice and very fulfilling. Since Ms.AH and mom were only looking for small bites *diet mode on*, beside of  the lotus slider, we only had a sushi roll called the flying geisha (fried inari sushi stuffed with spicy tuna and cream cheese). This sushi is one of the nicest fusion sushi around.After all this years, this one tasted as good as the first time, it was crunchy outside, the sushi rice was blending well with the spicy tuna and the cream cheese, really tasty indeed. Ms.AH actually not really into fusion sushi, but Sushi Groove really nailed it. This place always sitting on Ms.AH list, as one of the place worth to checking in over and over again.

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