Monday, November 5, 2012


Well, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT continue our less excited weekend with dining in Go Curry! on the following Sunday night. It wasn't our first time, we knew exactly what to order, how will it tasted, how much it will cost, surprised at all. What surprised us was the heavy traffic, c'mon it was Sunday! We were heading to PP from Kelapa Gading, everything was fine until Senayan area and the horror began. Jakarta's traffic is really sucks! Ooops, sorry! Anyway, let's get back to the foods.

As the name itself, Go Curry mainly serves everything related to curries. Well, there are a lot of curries from different origin. Here in Go Curry, they have brown curry, green curry, red curry, yellow curry, and their specialty ; rogan josh curry a classic from Kashmiri, India. The fun part is, there are few steps to order their curry dish, first we got to choose what type of curry that we want, secondly we choose the spiciness level from mild to insanely hot, third we got to choose our rice, is it simple white rice,cilantro butter rice, aromatic yellow rice, or we can even change the rice with naan bread but we have to pay extra. And the last step is we got to pick our topping, is it gonna be tandoor chicken tikka or chicken katsu or zesty cheese chicken or Australian oxtail or lamb cubes with herbs or breaded prawns or breaded fish or New Zealand mussles or just a simple mix veggies.

Ms.AH went for the medium brown curry, cilantro butter rice, and chicken katsu. Once Ms.AH ordered the hot level and it was very hot, so this time Ms.AH won't be fooled, the medium will do justice. No surprise, everything on the plate was good. The brown curry is actually a japanese type curry, tasted mild and didn't have any strong smell that Ms.AH dislike. Cilantro butter rice was fragrant, sprinkled with delicious fried shallot but it wasn't the usual crunchy fried shallot, this one was soggy in a good way. The chicken katsu was delicious and really a perfect pair for those brown curry. After finishing the meal, Ms.AH felt very full but happy.

This plate was belong to Mr.HATT, hot green curry with cilantro butter rice and lamb cubes with herbs. Ms.AH passed his curry since Ms.AH doesn't eat lamb at all, but judging from how fast Mr.HATT polished everything off from his plate, it must be tasty. Or simply he was just very hungry :P ?

We also had a portion of garlic naan for sharing. The naan kinda burned so tasted a bit bitter, overall nothing special. Besides curry rice, Go Curry also have some naan pizza, light bites, pastas, and a few desserts. In Ms.AH's humble opinion, Go Curry is a place to go whenever you have curry craving and won't get disappointed afterward.

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