Saturday, October 20, 2012


Since Ms.AH read the Samy's Curry menu in room service deliveries booklet, this place  have been sitting for some time on Ms.AH's must try list. But now Samy is gone already, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT just visited one of their branch. Samy's Curry is a franchise restaurant from Singapore, as read in the name, this place sells curry and other Indian foods, popular kind of food in Singapore. They have an open kitchen concept, therefore we can see that Samy's dishes cooked by an authentic looking Indian man. That night, we were kinda 'gelap mata' and ordering a lot...and a lot...

For warming up, let's see our drinks...they are lime juice (tasted nice, not too sour and refreshing) and teh tarik ( bubbly sweet and milky but not 'wow' gitu XD )

It's onion and egg prata with curry dips, Ms.AH think that the prata was okay. It was stuffed with generous amount of onion and gave a nice crunchy texture. As for the curry, it was quite light and not overpowering the overall taste of the prata.

Ms.AH's main course was a portion of 'nasi briyani' and one piece of chicken masala. Well, the nasi briyani looked authentic, they are using basmati rice, not our ordinary rice. Kinda heavy on the seasoning, got the powerful taste of herbs, not really sure if Ms.AH like the taste though. Not much different with the rice, their chicken masala cooked in heavy Indian herbs, smelled kinda funny to Ms.AH. Clearly, Ms.AH's taste buds are not familiar with this authentic Indian dishes, so...

Mr.HATT as usual, looking for something big and complete so he choose the meat set. It's consist of briyani rice, chicken masala, chicken tikka, mutton curry, vegetables condiment, and papadum (Indian crackers). From the set, Ms.AH must highlighted the chicken tikka, it was nice and crispy plus the seasoning was not that 'Indian'. And for the rest, according to Mr.HATT, everything tasted too authentic hihihihi, we always prefer foods which already adjusted with Indonesian's tongue.

Once again, sorry to say...the chicken murtabak is not really our cup of tea. Ms.AH would prefer some other 'martabak' bought from street vendors somewhere. Really, the foods might be suitable for others and from Ms.AH's perspective, Samy's Curry are providing authentic Indian with affordable price too. The problem is lay in us, so sorry Samy :(

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