Sunday, October 7, 2012


There's must be one or two or maybe several places that we usually go when we ran out of ideas about what to eat :D Because we know that no matter what, those one or two or several particular places will give us our comfort foods. For Ms.AH, one of those places is Eaton at MTA. Ms.AH never tried Eaton at other branches than MTA because rumour saying bad news. But it's still just rumours you know. Eaton is collaborating with two other brands; Ah Mei Cafe (serving Kopi Tiam style foods and beverages) and Sen Ju (serving Japanese foods), so you'll get plenty of choices.

So far, from countless times of eating at Eaton MTA, Ms.AH almost never get disappointment. Last week Ms.AH even got to eat at Eaton MTA twice. The ice milk tea is a must try beverage there, the appearance might be boring but the taste is superb. The ice milk tea here is HK style milk tea, with rich milky taste tea. For snacking please do order their famous 'lumpia mayonaise', the fried squid balls will be a good choice also, and their pratas with curry sauce are as good as the two mentioned earlier.

This is Hor Fun Scallop, one of Ms.AH's favorite. What's good about this dish is how they make the sauce, tasted savoury and umami but still quite mild for Ms.AH's tongue.

Ms.AH love shrimps so much and Eaton have the right menu, kwetiaw with shrimps. Don't be cheap with the shrimps, Eaton always generous, don't worry :) Same like above, the kwetiaw always swimming in great sauce.

If Ms.AH get bored with all those chinese foods, just go for their briyani rice with curry. It looked a bit like fried rice but the taste surprisingly good, loaded with herbs flavor and fragrant. Not really authentic but it's really have a good twist of flavour.

Well the goodness are all there, the prices are friendly, around IDR 30,000.00 per main course, the service is quick and efficient, what not to love? So are you going to put Eaton MTA as one of your comfort place to eat? Please do let me know :D

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