Sunday, October 28, 2012


Domino's Pizza have been around for awhile now, adding more choices to us *pizza addict* XD In Ms.AH's mind, Domino's is great, been eating it quite often. Usually Ms.AH bought the pizza from their branch in Central Park but recently Ms.AH moved away from that area so. Yah well, in short, a few days ago Mr.HATT was really into munching some pizza and decided to get it asap. That's mean, we got to get it from the nearest branch which is the one in Bellezza, Permata Hijau.

As usual, we bought the meatzza smudged with rustic sauce. As far as Ms.AH remembered, Domino's meatzza with rustic sauce is great. You know, people said that reality sometimes disappoint us and it's true. The meatzza that Ms.AH knew is loaded with gooey cheese, full of every kind of meats that imaginable, moist with a strong flavour of the rustic sauce, but what we got at the night was 180 degrees different. It was kinda dry, a few meats here and there, just a very little hint of rustic sauce, and if it was Ms.AH's first experience, Ms.AH will never come back. Luckily, Ms.Ah just thought that maybe...just maybe...the outlet in Belezza is the problem and other outlets*esp. the Central Park one* still that great :D

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