Friday, October 12, 2012


After spending some time @ Starbucks, Ms.AH and gang moved to Sam & Jolly to grab some foods. We were not really hungry but Ms.AH influenced the others to try their signature 'Na Go Yo'. Ms.AH think that this nasi goreng is nice presented with good portion and have innovative side. The yogurt gave an unique touch to overall taste. Ms.AH quite enjoying this dish but not really blown away by it. Well, but Ms.AH must really appreciate the master mind who create this creative mix.

Ms.AH heard a lot of good comments about their desserts then decided to order one. Basically, it's a chocolate melt cake with some twist. Instead of a scoop of ice cream, they are using this yogurt ice stick to accompany the cake. They also adding a dollop of vanilla custard, berry sauce, and wafer bites. Well, in Ms.AH's humble opinion, the lava chocolate cake is just okay, for Ms.AH they were lack of intensity of chocolate taste. Aside from it, Ms.AH love the yogurt stick attached, it was not as sour as Ms.AH thought it would be, this one is refreshing.

Other than our usual tea drinks, we also ordered the mojito. For short, Ms.AH likes this drink,  the flavour was well balanced between the sourness and the sweetness. The mojito kinda special because usually Ms.AH never really enjoying a lime drink before.

Ms.AH have to mention about their cute setting, Sam & Jolly really have a nice concept, the place  itself really one of a kind. Even for Ms.AH who is not really paying much attention of such  details, Sam & Jolly's design caught Ms.AH's attention. Sam & Jolly have indoor and outdoor sitting area, Ms.AH must tell you, choose the outdoor area because the outdoor area is more merry :D


  1. hallo salam kenal ^^ blog kamu sudah ak masukin di blogroll ya ^^. Aku pernah makan ini sekali, sepertinya aku kurang cocok dengan nagoyonya ^^ porsinya banyaaaak hehehe.

    1. Hi Tikka, salam kenal juga...iya porsinya emang banyak :D waktu itu aku juga sharing.thanks yaa :D