Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After having the Stevan's steak, Ms.AH walked back to the parking lot and saw Ochado Bubble Tea nearby. Who can resist something sweet after a hearty meal? Not Ms.AH of course. Ms.AH went inside the shop and felt a bit intimidated by the woman behind the cash register. She had this cold expression without any smiley aura and looked impatient. Too scared to ask more about the menus,Ms.AH made a quick uncertain order, Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea with coffee crystal. Gosh, it turned out to be a good decision, one of the best tea that Ms.AH ever tried. At the bottom of the cup, sit those thick matcha goodness, giving you a strong flavor. They made this drink with real matcha, Ms.AH could taste the tea pulp. When Ms.AH got the first sip and found the bitterness of matcha was there, the milky sweets was there, all of sudden the woman's unfriendliness forgiven. Now Ms.AH has a new favorite drink.


  1. LOL ! i felt the same thing.
    My husband asked about the different between roasted milk tea and okinawan milk tea with a guy behind the register, and He literally answered that roasted has gosong2 taste and okinawan taste like Japanese black tea. hahaha,, considering my husband is not Indonesian, he was confused why they want to put burned tea flavor in so called "refresing milk tea"
    i have to explained what he meant was robust flavor. My husband felt the guy is not very friendly and gave impatient attitude, he was laughing about knowing Okinawa is in Japan. He was expecting more description not noun. ROFL
    My favorite from Ochado is their signature lemonade. Husband pretty happy with his okinawan milk tea.

    1. Hahahahaha...glad to hear that it wasn't just me :) This Ochado really need to improve in how they serve the customer right? My husband who is very polite asked me not to write about the service, but people need to be warned yeah :P Next time I'll try the lemonade, maybe in their other branch if there's one. Thanks for reading and commenting :D