Monday, October 15, 2012


Ms.AH and Mr.HATT gone crazy every weekend, always eat a bunch and spend a lot. Sigh, the last sentence is so not right. But worry no more, we just found an authentic japanese restaurant with good foods but quite pocket friendly. It is Torigen we talked about, located in South Jakarta where Japanese crowds can be easily spotted. We came here for a Saturday early dinner and Ms.AH didn't feel too hungry at the time so Ms.AH decided to have some light meals which turned out to be heavy on the stomach XP

Ms.AH's first light meal : Tsukune, minced chicken ball yakitori. They come in two type, the sweet one and the original salty one. This is one of Ms.AH's favorite snack, no wonder Ms.AH can't choose between the sweet and the salty then ordered both. To Ms.AH surprise, they came in big ball size, bigger than in any other places that Ms.AH knows *happy* The sweet tsukune was grilled and drizzled with sweet sauce, the meat was tender, it was good. In other hand, the original salty was fried naked and also tasted good but however Ms.AH prefer the sweet type.

Mr.HATT who apparently very hungry, ordered this yakiniku bento. Of course, it is a man's duty to always share everything he has with his woman right :D So, Ms.AH got to try everything on his plate, the chawanmushi was bland, the miso soup was tasty, the vegetables was okay, the fried potato croquet was nice, and the beef was good. The bottom line is, the bento was pretty good.

Maybe the picture can't tell everything but Ms.AH do tell everything...this is a great takoyaki and Ms.AH's second light meal. Actually, that takoyaki wasn't light at all, once again, it came in big round ball shape and very fulfilling. This dish was full of goodness, crispy on the outside, soft-melt in your mouth-inside, with generous tako pieces attached. Really one of the best in town, for nine big balls you have to loose IDR.39,000,- of your pocket and worth every rupiah. For the sake of tsukune and takoyaki, MS.AH will be back to Torigen, you can count on it. Mr.HATT be ready!

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