Friday, October 19, 2012


Like hubby like wifey, like Mr.HATT's sudden craving of drunken shrimps, Ms.AH also had food craving last week. After watching 'Food Surprise' about nasi lemak on late night TV show, Ms.AH suddenly had the urge to have some. So far, Ms.AH likes nasi lemak from Kemangi the most so that's where we headed right away XD. As always, the nasi lemak is tasty, very fragrant, and satisfying. Served with some shredded omelette, crunchy small fishes, melinjo crackers, and fried ground peanuts, this nasi lemak might be simple but never doubt its taste.

Soto Betawi is one of Mr.HATT's choice for comfort food. This night he needed some comfort so  he went for the soup. Ms.AH never really enjoyed eating soto betawi, so couldn't say much about this one. But according to Mr.HATT it was quite delicious although  Kemangi only put beef (generously) in the soto.

Along with those two, we also had a bowl of clear beef soup to share. It was tasted mediocre, need more seasoning for Ms.AH's liking. Still, Kemangi is the place to be when Ms.AH  is looking for simple, yummy, and affordable  food.  And their nasi lemak is hard to beat, how come Ms.AH not keep coming back. Well, both of our food craving had been satisfied last week, this week we have others more food craving, watch out foods :P

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