Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last Saturday, one of Ms.AH's close friend was celebrating her li'l angel 1st birthday at BK Senayan City. After ate some burgers and fries, chit-chatting, and gossiping around, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT realized that the night still young and bright, such a waste if we just went straight home. Since Ms.AH been super curious about The Goods Cafe, hearing a lot of good comments regarding this place,then we decided to give it a try.

We were kinda full and we didn't order any main dishes but we went straight to desserts instead. Errrr...not that straight actually, we managed to munched snacks before hand. Ms.AH love this pita chips, it was very crunchy and in the same time felt like melting in your mouth, can you imagine?  If you can't why don't you just try it for yourself and tasted what Ms.AH been trying to explain to you :D For the spinach dip, it was something else. Ms.AH quite enjoy it but Mr.HATT didn't like it because it was not close with any dipping sauce that he has been familiar with.

The pudding was Ms.AH's choice, far from expectation this dish. The raspberry coulis looked like 'sambal', tasted sooo sour, and they were plenty of it. The pudding texture was almost like baby food, ughhhh.... The one and only good thing here was the ice cream.

Mr.HATT was playing safe and order some chocolate dessert. It was proven to be a good decision afterward. Once again, this dish wasn't like what everybody expected, lacked of those gooey liquid chocolate but taste wise, this one was enjoyable. In the end, all Ms.AH could say, at least we already trying. So...what's next?

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