Thursday, October 11, 2012


 Ms.AH just went for 'Bubulic' gang monthly meeting *please don't ask what the meaning of 'Bubulic'...let's just say the meaning is not pretty at all, very contrary from all the beauties of bubulic member XD* Anyway, like usual, before we had our serious meal, we always hang out in some coffee shop to share pre-newest gossips hihihihi. Since Starbucks offering buy 1 get 1 for their Frappuccino, without hesitation we were all agree to meet up there. I mean, who on the earth not love all the buy 1 get 1 offering out there :P

Ms.AH was having Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino, the presentation was nice as always but this time Starbucks failed to please Ms.AH's tongue. Maybe there was some mistakes or something, because this drink was very bland, not sweet, just tasted a bit bitter. Ms.AH has been visiting Starbucks like thousand time and usually they serve good drinks but yeah nothing is perfect. Even having this one bad experience,Ms.AH still have faith for you, Starbucks, Ms.AH sure that next time you will do better :D

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