Monday, October 29, 2012


For Jakartans, Outback is a well-known steak place, where you will definitely find a good steak with a not too good price of course. Whenever Mr.HATT's carnivore instinct arise, he will think about Outback, just like last Friday night. Ms.AH was about to buy a goggle at the time, for the sake of one-stop-shopping & eating, we choose to eat at Outback PIM. As an opening, we were served a loaf of wheat bread, still warm and fluffy. The bread was nice, accompanied with some butter, one word for that...yummy!

Ms.AH was craving for a fried chicken steak, unfortunately there wasn't any so Ms.AH  was being healthy and had salad instead XD Just ignored the crispy chicken, in Ms.AH defense, they were so few of those despite of the mountain vegetables below them, so what's not healthy about it, yes? We can choose the dressing for the salad, Ms.AH was having caesar, the vegetables were fresh and crisp, the chickens were crunchy and seasoned nicely. Ms.AH was very content of eating it, plus the fact that it came in big portion.

Ms.AH didn't try the steak because it was grilled to medium state, still got those bloody juice in there, but from the way Mr.HATT demolished it, the steak must be up to his expectation alright. Ms.AH did try the mashed potato and ended up gulped three quarter portion, yes it was that good. And the glistening 'au-jus' was to die for, really! How can a simple beef stock tasted like that...big question mark :D *we asked for another big bowl of those 'au-jus'* A couple of months ago Ms.AH and Mr.HATT were eating out in Outback Ratu Plaza and the foods were just not as good as those in PIM, wonder why? Anyway, last Friday night was a good dining experience, do consider Outback in PIM if you feel like steak-ing in and out XP

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