Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Ms.AH always has a thing for Sunday, maybe it's the relax atmosphere, maybe it's the lazy feeling, whatever it is, one thing for sure, always start Sunday with a good meal, usually it's a brunch :D Last Sunday brunch, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT went for dimsum at The Duck King, Senci. Bored with the usual May Star, too lazy to move our butt to Chinatown area,  The Duck King will do just fine. Plus, Ms.AH never tried The Duck King's dimsum before but judging from some reviews, it sounds promising.

And Ms.AH proudly introduce the star of our feast...Stir Fry LoBakKao with Balacan Sauce. Maybe this dish came last, maybe Ms.AH and Mr.HATT kinda full at the time, maybe the LoBakKao itself a bit mushy but who cares? This is the best LoBakKaou ever. The sauce tasted just right, spicy and savory. Other than the default kucai, beansprouts, beaten egg, they also adding some little crispy anchovies that gave a crunchy nice texture. Everything on that plate screaming yumminess...yup Ms.AH just create the word yumminess :P

On the contrary, this Fried Crab Wasabi Dumpling really put a shame on the dimsum world. There was no crab meat inside this thing, only a lot of gooey mayo and some wasabi wrapped in thin dough then deep fried. Really need a lot of effort to finished this up.

This is steamed beef and shrimp meatballs, wrapped in layer of bean curd and drizzled with some kind of stock. The meatballs were nice and tasty, never found this menu in other dimsum places. 

Ms.AH thought this shrimp cheong fen was okay, the shrimp filling kinda small and not that fresh, the cheong fen was too thin and tend to be mushy but taste wise still not bad, the sauce helped. The sauce was a bit salty, not really sweet like the usual cheong fen sauce that Ms.AH not really fond of.

The Siew Mai was nice, quiet tasty, the meat inside was juicy and tender, without the too-big-chunks of meat that sometimes Ms.AH find in other places. This one, the meat grind properly.

What is dim sum without Hakau right? And this Hakau is great, big and fresh shrimps wrapped in thin flour dough, just perfect. Well, even though there are a lot of great Hakau everywhere, but Ms.AH still gave The Duck King credit for it.

Steamed scallop and shrimp dumpling was not really Ms.AH's liking, the wrapper too thick, the scallop was dry and the texture of everything inside this dumpling just awful. 

Kuo Tiek special, Ms.AH couldn't find what so special about this dish when Ms.AH tasted it. Really, just a so-so dumpling with a weird smell. Not Ms.AH's favorite.

Ms.AH put this one on the bottom, since Ms.AH dislike anything related to chicken feet. But according to Mr.HATT who finished it up, the chicken feet was nice, not the best but quiet tasty.

So,that's all for Ms.AH and Mr.HATT Sunday dim sum, till we meet again on the next Sunday brunch. Keep the happy mood for enjoying the next weekend guys and eating good food will definitely made our day :D

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