Wednesday, October 17, 2012


There are a new mall in the block, newest addition of the already mushrooming shopping purposed building in Jakarta. It's Lippomall aka Kemang Village, Ms.AH just went there today. Since the place relatively new, only a few tenants who  already open their business in here, of course one of them are Lotteria. It's some Korean fast food chain, they sell fried chicken to burger and fries with other typical fast food dishes.  Ms.AH was accompanied with beloved mom who felt like eating junk food at the time, so here we go.

Ms.AH tried their hot & spicy fried chicken which is actually poured with sickly sweet sauce,  not some hot & spicy kind of sauce. Ms.AH only ate a few bites of this chicken, really couldn't manage to finish it. The salad is complementary, tasted just okay. The cheese sticks didn't taste like cheese, another disappointment. The fries were good though, we went for the original fries and flavoured  (garlic) fries.

Because of the curiosity *which killed the cat*, Ms.AH bought the second fried chicken, the original one. Could eat this chicken though Ms.AH didn't impress at all. It was crunchy alright but tasted bland and very dry inside. Well, the fries are the only magnet for Ms.AH to return....maybe...

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