Friday, October 5, 2012


Ms.AH is a regular and loyal customer of those voucher websites. The most recent buying of Ms.AH was Pielicious fruit tartlets charged as little as IDR.30,000,- for ten pieces. But you know what, they charged quite pricey for the delivery to Ms.AH's area which is not really that far from Pielicious kitchen. It was even more expensive than the fruit tartlets price itself!

Anyway, enough of the babbling already, let's go straight to those tartlets. Lookin' good from the outside, the logo, the packaging, and the tartlets really looked promising. After finishing one, Ms.AH found out that those tartlets were not as good as it's looked. Those colorful fruits on top  were too overpowering, all Ms.AH can tasted was the acidity from those fruits while the custard below just giving only a hint of sweetness. Aside from that, the pie crust was giving a little help to save the overall taste. For those fruity type eater, maybe these tartlets can give you much pleasure but it was a no for Ms.AH.

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