Friday, February 1, 2013


There's a new Korean Restaurant in town named Seigo Dakgalbi in Tebet Green Mall. Last weekend Ms.AH and Mr.HATT were invited to their soft opening event. Seigo Dakgalbi is a Korean - Indonesian fusion kind of restaurant. No, they are not selling 'ayam penyet with gochujang' kind of food but merely Korean dishes seasoned to adjust Indonesian's taste bud. So expect to get all about Korean and still you will have a familiar taste out of their dishes.

Ms.AH started the meal with one of their special drink called Nun Top'in Lemon. A fresh lemon juice drink mix with vanilla ice cream and assortment fruit bites. It was unique and refreshing. In the other hand, Mr.HATT who worried with his cholesterol level opt to choose Yache Juice, a vegetables and fruits mix juice. This one was okay but Ms.AH could still smell the vegetables' aroma in it.

Apparently, dakgalbi is a name of their special menu, the must try dish in here. Basically, it is some sort of teppanyaki with red Korean sauce. Every tables in the restaurant have a pan where the staff will cook your Dakgalbi right in front of your eyes. The ingredients of dakgalbi are various of vegetables, chicken or seafood, and the special red sauce. After everything cooked in the pan, we will get a combo of vegetables and protein that tasted sweet, hot, and a bit of sour. Mr.HATT was enjoying this dish while Ms.AH who naturally not really fond of teppanyaki in any form, could eat but not much. So, everything depends on your liking I guess.

We can't missed bibimbap in Korean restaurant are we? Ms.AH love their bibimbap, maybe because the seasoned already adjusted to Indonesian's liking. It just tasted right and well seasoned. There was only one flaw of the dish, everything not hot enough so there wasn't any 'kerak' rice in the pot.

Another favorite of Ms.AH, beef bulgogi. Once again, the seasoning is just right, not too sweet but kinda salty savoury and the beef is soft, easy to munch.

For snacking, Seigo Dakgalbi offering various of light bites, a lot of fried finger foods. One of them is dakkochi, battered fried chicken with sweet n sour sauce. Ordinary chicken fingers Ms.AH must say.

Last but not least, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT munched on kimbab, Korean sushi. It was nice and instead of soy sauce for the dipper, they used beef broth. Ms.AH and Mr.HATT were having a nice lunch there and Seigo Dakgalbi have been treating us well and generously too. If you are like me, enjoying  modified Korean food then, Seigo Dakgalbi is the place to go. Kamsahamnida!

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