Sunday, January 27, 2013


Ya Kun Kaya Toast have been there for quite some times now and this kopi tiam still and always been Ms.AH no.1 choice for having kaya toast and ice pulled tea. They have some branches scattered around but after sampling some of them, Ms.AH found out that one branch might be slightly better than the other in term of taste, generosity of the ingredients, and so on. The branch in Gandaria City is one of the slightly better choice for having toast and tea in Ms.AH's opinion.

This is Ms.AH's favorite beverage, frosty tea...basically a smoothie pulled tea and garnished with milo powder on top. Sounds unusual right? Well, if you like ice pulled tea and milo dinosours, you will definitely enjoy this!

Their ice pulled tea that never failed, Ms.AH had a set that come with half boiled eggs and the all time favorite kaya toast.


What's good with this kaya toast is the crunchy texture of the brown bread. The textures and thickness are just right and blended very well with their home made kaya jam and butter. In many other kopi tiam places they are serving the kaya toast with the usual thick white bread, Ms.AH find it as a big disappointment.


Ms.AH also had spicy floss thick toast and peanut butter chocolate thick toast. Both are good and if you want something other than their kaya toast, their variation of thick toast are great for a change. So, please don't hesitate to visit Ya Kun Kaya Toast near your place :)

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