Friday, February 8, 2013


It was raining cats and dogs in our first (and last) night at Bandung. We were hungry but lazy due to the weather condition. Ms.AH's brother in law suggested to have dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant named Momiji which located just in front of our hotel (at Jalan Braga). Since we were having limited of choices so, Momiji it is. 

Momiji has a wide variant of bento set, Ms.AH was looking for something familiar and choose beef teriyaki and ebi fry set. The whole bento was just okay and Ms.AH has nothing more to comment.

That night kinda blurry and unmemorable, Ms.AH really can't remember much so let the picture talking. Well, in term of taste everything just standard and in term of price, Momiji is somehow can not called generous. The price is kinda steep for Bandung, more or less the same with big Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Ms.AH not really impressed. But others said the sashimi was very fresh though.

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