Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hai again...How's your holiday so far? Everybody seems like enjoying the holiday except me. Me? Up until now, I 'm still struggling feeding two kids, giving bath, putting them to sleep, cooking their food, etc...etc...Still got time to try some new foods though...thank God! Ok...let's talk about food, definitely more interesting than my whining hahaha.  I've been eyeing this new froyo joint in town since they open their first outlet in Jakarta...Llao Llao...finally I got the chance to try yaw. 

So....I tried their variation called Sanum that consist of layer of froyo, caramelised cookies crumble, longans, mangoes, melons, chipsahoy crumble, another layer of froyo, and drizzled with cookies sauce. The toppings are up to you, those are my choices btw. Since I'm a dairy lover, I love how they froyo is so milky and creamy. The tanginess of the froyo is light, another point that I like. Cookies sauce and crumble are must try...very tasty. But, stay away from the fruits...I got this weird smell longans, mangoes are okay, melons not that nice. Next time...I will go for the dry topping and sauce only. Usually I don't go for sweets topping with my froyo, I always assume that froyo best eaten with fruits, but Llao Llao has changed my mind. I think I want to go back to Llao Llao tomorrow. Llao Llao wait for me yaw.


  1. bo itu kenapa tangannya ikutan ijo jugaa?

    1. Efek canggih kamera hape jeunggg wkwkwkwkwk harap maklum..... ;)