Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Trying all those new hip places is like an endless journey and sometimes I feel too much. I don' t want surprises at one point, I just want to eat foods that I know would't go wrong. Have you ever get that kind of feeling? Belakangan ini Ms.AH merasa demikian trus memilih tempat-tempat makan yang buat miss familiar rasanya. Tempat makan bakmi sederhana, rumah makan Sunda, kedai bakso, dan tempat sejenisnya yang jadi pilihan tempat makan miss belakangan ini. Nah kalo merasa pengen makan di tempat yang 'bagusan' dikit, makanannya enak-enak dari mulai appetizer sampe dessert, ada ac, gampang ditemui dimana-mana, dan familiar rasanya... Ms.AH pilih makan di Bakerzin. Mainstream banget emang but, saat ini miss emang lagi sukak yang biasa dan mainstream ☺

Let's start with my kind of salad...caesar salad, though it doesn't seems like a healthy choice but, what the heck! I love everything about it and di Bakerzin, this one is absolutely delish. Put the salad on the top of the garlic bread, uhhlalala....yummy! Next, got myself the corned beef sandwich, definitely not those tacky corned beef out of the can. With a good portion, the sandwich got the taste and worth the money spent. For sharing....thin slices pizza never be my thing but, if this is your thing, you will love the one in Bakerzin for sure. My first dessert, tiramisu that unfortunately not as good as expected but, worry no more 'cause I'm getting my second dessert. is my second dessert plate, chocolate nut pie that really drive me nut people! Every chocolate element in this dish is freaking good but, the award went to that insanely chocolate sauce on the bottom. Oh....and I hope they can make the pie dough a bit crunchy, not chewy. I used to love Bakerzin and from my last visit, it was like renewed my love all over again. So....where will you go when you feel like eating in a familiar place that you know will please you no matter what?

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