Friday, July 10, 2015


Ok...I lied about the last post on July I am again. Rushing back to write because I just have to tell the world *! 'bout this new shaved ice cafe that I think is the best place to have shaved ice in Jakarta. The shaved ice is Korean style, not sure if they are some kind of franchise chain or not but, I tell you yes you.....gotta try their shaved ice at least once. Please wellcome Bing Go Korean Dessert peeps....located inside Gandaria City mall. 

The bad thing about this dessert is you know...well, I know that I couldn't able to finish it the whole portion by myself, not even the small portion. Glad that I always have Mr.HATT anywhere, anytime. So, never forgot to bring your mister anywhere ok? They always come in handy hahahaa.

What I got tea shaved my bowl there was huge pile of the most delicate and smooth shaved ice ever, mix with green tea powder, stacked with red bean paste, some mochis, and  a scoop of green tea ice cream. It was also come with a little condensed milk that miss thought is not really necessary because everything that happened in the bowl is sweet enough even for a sweet lover like myself. I love how the green tea tasted strong and not weird at all. In some places Ms.AH found out a weird taste of green tea, like artificial flavor of gree tea. Can someone understand that taste?

Another let down about Bing Go is they come not cheap...bad news for a cheapskate like me. For that small bowl of my green tea shaved ice I have to pay around IDR.60k (including tax). Like any other Korean food, no wonder! Expect nothing than variation of shaved ice, toast, and drinks list here. They are not serving any heavy meal nor savory foods. So are you up to taste the nicest shaved ice in Jakartaaaah?

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