Thursday, March 7, 2013


My home was (before I get married of coz) just above MTA, countless times that I passed by Thai Express but, hardly took a second glance on this restaurant all these past ten years. Luckily for them (or is it for me?), a few weeks ago I finally noticing this (apparently) nice eating place. Well, originally my mom and I were heading to our regular Eaton but since they looked busy and still haven't managed to clean up most of their empty used tables, we felt a bit annoyed. After having a deep thought and contemplation #WTF# :P, Thai Express came in the brightest light of all.

So here we go, prawn toast as our starter...surprisingly quite good (you know I've been really underestimating this place for sooo long). A little too oily but tasty nevertheless with refreshing sour-spicy dip. 

Pad Thai is my all time Thai favorite food, really love it but I only choose to eat it while I'm in Thailand. So far, I have a bit disappointment regarding about this dish outside the origin country. Well, the Thai Express version (again) turned out pretty good and similar with the one I had in Thailand. The kick of the seasoning is just right for my taste bud.

The Tom Yam fried rice might looked pale and not fiery looking as the others version but when you try the first spoonful, you will be delighted. Clearly, they are using fresh herbs and seasoning instead of instant product and those chili dip just perfect to give you extra flavour. Really heart it ... yum!

Sweets for ending, Thai rubies with ice the menu was said that the ice cream is coconut flavour but the reality it's only plain vanilla. I like my Thai rubies to be chewy but this one is crunchy, I know it just a matter of preference, so never mind. Everything else was beyond my expectation and I went home happily. Will be back for sure, but not that soon since I'm on carbohydrate diet due to my overweight pregnancy body :( Wish me luck on the carbs diet's sooo damn hard!

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