Thursday, April 4, 2013


Another must-try on Ms.AH's food list, an American hamburger chain that only have one branch in Indonesia, Bali. We both are suckers for fast food, that's why :) Eyeing their menus on the website before, Ms.AH were drooling all over.

Ms.AH is not really aiming for their burger but this baby... deluxe shakes  very cherry. As a creamy stuff lover plus cherry addict, how can Ms.AH not tempted by this one. When the tall glass arrived, it was pure heaven in mouth, thick, creamy, with a strong cherry flavour. But everything have their own downside, this glass including. It was so damn expensive...IDR. 50.000++, the most expensive drink that Ms.AH ever bought in a burger chain restaurant. Well, the rest of the meal wasn't come in cheap either.

Next, rocket double hamburger, basically a double cheese burger that come with fries or onion rings (add extra money if you want onion rings). The burger itself was great, hearty thick and juicy beef patties, fresh lettuce, melted gooey cheese but the onion rings were tasteless. For this combo you should prepare IDR. 100.000++, another expensive thing in here.

Ms.AH choose patty melt, beef patty with grilled onions and cheese in between layer of rye bread. Taste wise, it was good but not as good as the burger, a little bit under seasoning. So was the french fries that came along with it. This combo cost you IDR.60.000++. 

Great to experienced once but Ms.AH and Mr.HATT won't be back, anyway it's only a burger chain restaurant that will cost you much more than their competitor fellow. One more thing, if you dine here, you will find the dancing waiters that constantly make a loud noise and dancing on the floor as part of the entertainment for the guest. Well, Ms.AH find this dancing policy a quite distraction for eating since Ms.AH is not a music and dancing person but others might find it interesting and fun to watch. Well, if you are an American hamburger lover do try this place at least once :)

PS: Be prepared to feel guilty because they put how many calories  of each dish in the menu book and trust me, those numbers will ruin your diet at once or at least making you feel like you need to hit the gym right after taking the meal here :P Tips...just don't read the calories information.

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  1. Hi, Ms. Always Hungry,
    Nice to know you!
    This fast food chain now open their outlet at Jakarta. I have to agree with you that th eprice is quite expensive for fast food restaurant, eventhough their burger looks so good.
    And thank you for the 'calorie thing' warning. :D

    Thank you for putting my blog link in your blog, I'll do the same. ;)