Monday, April 1, 2013


From last year trip to Bali, Ms.AH learned that this island packed with nice gelato vendor....yum...yum...So, today trip mission is to taste as much as gelato as possible. First day, quick stop at Secret Gelato located in Sanur. Ms.AH had a good Baileys gelato but a not too heart warming serviced. Never mind, their gelato had make it up for everything. The third day, Ms.AH and Mr.HATT made another stop at Secret Gelato in Ubud. This time we had the unique but oh-so-nice sea-salt caramel, white chocolate, and choco chips avocado. One more thing, Ms.AH have to mentioned their freshly baked waffle cone that very fragrance, crunchy, and nice. Secret Gelato is a must try if you are happen in Bali.

Got this one on our second day from a place called Sweet Dreams at Kuta-Legian stretch. Ms.AH tried the cherry flavour, tasted too artificial and not too creamy. Just skip this one.

Secret out! This baby from Massimo, Sanur is something that hard to beat. Ms.AH been reading about this place for a couple of times and insist to give it a try on our third day, just after we had our 3 scoops of Gelato Secret. Since Ms.AH always have a thing for cherry, Ms.AH choose gelato cherry flavour named Amarena. Full of plump and juicy cherry bits, blended with creamy vanilla gelato, heavenly! Well, still...the freshly baked cone from Secret Gelato is something that need to be added with this Amarena. Hard to choose between Secret Gelato and Massimo....hmmmmm.....Last year Ms.AH also took a visit to Gusto Gelato at Umalas, theirs also tasty and worth the visit. So, don't miss out the gelato in Bali folks :)

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