Sunday, April 7, 2013


Ms.AH & Mr.HATT had breakfast here twice while in Bali. It is a bakery, cakery, cafe-restaurant , all at one place, plenty to choose in Bali Bakery. Taste wise, everything are good, price wise, everything are quite affordable, so this place are perfect for us :D. Ms.AH had made the summary of what we ate, let's take a look.

Salmon scramble egg...Mr.HATT had this at our first visit. He said it was good. The potatoes and vegetables in the dish were very nice seasoned, Ms.AH who dislike salmon only try the sides. 

The second time, Mr.HATT had this beef, mushroom, and cheese over french baguette. It was loaded with cheese and everything, the french bread were crunchy at the outside but soft in the inside. Very nice!

Ms.AH....uhmmmm...was on  diet ( a little) and only choose some breads from their bakery. First, beef and cheese croissant. Good bread but not that wow, okay lah :)

From the second visit, curry bread and mushroom quiche. Both were good, the curry bread had a good balanced of curry taste, perfect companion for the fried bread dough while the quiche was savoury and burst out with a lot of mushroom pieces.

The last and really the least favorite, banana pie that came as a big disappointment of all. Well, the pie crust was hard and not flaky or buttery, the banana sliced too thinly and also hard  to chew because of the baking process. Still, Bali Bakery is a nice place for breakfast and bread shopping, next time Ms.AH will try their mouthwatering looking cake. See you in 2 years from now  Bali Bakery, maybe....after our baby grown a little and can be taken sun bathing at Bali beaches :P

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