Saturday, January 30, 2016


As I said earlier...hari ini Ms.Always Hungry mau jadi anak rajin, tadi pagi udah bikin tulisan sekarang hampir tengah malem nulis another review.  Buat the real celebration of our fifth wedding anniversary kami memilih Hard Rock Cafe karena Ms.AH belom pernah makan di any Hard Rock Cafe, trus kami pasangan rakus yang suka big portion jadi fine dining never be an option juga.

Since it was an anniversary why don't we splurge a bit by ordering cocktail, only a glass of this drink called Southern Rock. I don't know exactly what it is because I don't do alcohol but, I took a sip and it tasted lemoney with just a little hint of bitterness. They definetely not being generous with the booze hahaha.

Karena tadi udah breakfast yang kinda heavy, Ms.AH gak order main course tapi jumbo sampler. Jumbo sampler ini adalah kumpulan dari appetizer-appetizer yang ada di Hard Rock then dicompile dalem satu big plate. Isinya ada artichoke dip, chicken wings, chicken tenders, potato skins, dan onion ring. I think everything are above average, we like everything on the plate.

Mr.HATT order this, two slices of beef tenderloin with mashed potato. Ms.AH icip-cip beberapa suap, mashed potato is smooth and savory while the steak is a bit too well done for mister liking. In my opinion, who can't stand eating bloody meat, those steaks are yummy but need a bit help of more salt and pepper.

Every meal wouldn't complete without a sweet ending rite? So, we also ordered chocolate brownies with ice cream and cherry on top. Brownies are sticky dense chocolatey, paired with Haagen Daz ice cream, how could it go wrong? My first experience visiting Hard Rock Cafe turned out good and it was a nice closure for our anniversary. I'll be back with more reviews, just be patient with me okayy? See ya..!


  1. menurutku HRC skrg udah ngga seepik dulu deh makanannya..barometernya nachos dan ribs nya sih entah menurutku loh

  2. Gw ga pernah sih....baru kemaren itu doang...laki gw jg bilang biasa wkwkwk gw bilang lumayan enak tapi yah begitu aja tetep lebih suka Chilis btw. Kalo dulu HRC ok banget yaah kali...sayang gw dulu ga pernah coba 😕😕