Friday, January 29, 2016


Hai..ho...berhubung ini hari yang istimewa, so I think I will overcome my lazyness this time. Today is the day when Ms.AH and Mr.HATT become hubby and wifey five years ago, sounds like a very long time ago yah...but, we feels like it was just yesterday 😀 We decided to start our day by having a relaxing breakfast just the two of us. Well, kids better be at home today, mommy and daddy needs some romantic time alone. Hmmm, actually nothing romantic really happened just us having some coffee and sandwiches. Kali ini kami coba Caribou Coffee yang belum lama buka di Jakarta. Its a coffee shop chain originated from USA, just like Starbucks and somehow the place have the same ambiance with Starbuck, at least in the cashier area I think. However, the sitting area is decorated nicely and homey, for Saturday morning this place have a good crowds, not too crowded but still lively.

What we had for breakfast .... one cappucino, one mocha turtle, one pretzel smoked beef and brie sandwich, one spicy tuna sandwich, and one peanut chocolate sandwich. Let's dig in....cappucino is nice, Mr.HATT have no complaint, my mocha turtle is very nice....mocha turtle basically is espresso yang dicampur dengan coklat (I choose milk chocolate), milk, topped with whipped cream, caramel, snickers ( very little, only the crumble of it)

Trus...the chocolate peanut croissantnya enak, kacangnya semacem selai Skippy overall tastenya koq mirip isi martabak coklat kacang, ada wangi biji wijen juga sedikit. Kulit luar croissantnya crispy and cukup buttery, like it!

Now...the sandwiches, both are nice with a good amount of filling, gak pelit gitu loh isinya. Yang pretzel smoked beef rotinya lebih chewy , yang isinya spicy tuna pake regular bread. 

Conclusion, Caribou Coffee a nice hang out place with good foods and nice coffee. I wouldn't mind coming back. See u when I see u!

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