Saturday, December 29, 2012

GONG CHA @ CENTRAL PARK looking at how many bubble tea joints in CP, we can say that people here  are still goin gaga for bubble tea rite? In contrary, Ms.AH haven't getting much connection with any of them lately. Well, after having a very heavy early dinner in Jun Njan (will post about it soon), Ms.AH and Mr.HATT deciding to have an exercise in CP. Yup, we considered strolling around a mall for 1,5 hours as our sport :) Halfway, we stumbled across a Gong Cha kiosk and stop there. Well, not much choice for us to choose, very different from the Singapore's branch. Since Ms.AH felt very thirsty and craving for something refreshing but not milky, the green tea yogurt seems like the wisest pick. Ms.AH expect it to be sour but it turned out differently, but not sickly sweet either. In normal condition, Ms.AH would find it nice, the green tea flavour was there with only a hint of sourness. Yah well...  now Ms.AH and the fetus inside are always in need of sour kick so this drink wasn't satisfied us. Really, if it wasn't for Ms.AH's bias taste, the drink is actually good.

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