Monday, May 22, 2017


Besides the traffic jam, Kuala Lumpur didn't really impress me. The city is not much different from Jakarta, the foods are pretty standard, and the atmosphere is not really special in my opinion. Maybe b'coz Mr.HATT and I only stayed there for a very short term, I'm not sure too. The most interesting eatery from our whole staycation here was this breakfast place called Win Heng Seng, it's kopitiam style kinda shop.

This Win Heng Seng is very close from Dorsett Hotel, just walk like five minutes and voila, you are here! To start up the day, Ms.AH choose a nice Ice Teh Tarik while Mr.HATT opt for coffee. They are a must order in Kopitiam place anyway. Win Heng Seng sells a lot variant of foods, there are different stalls inside. The place similar to a small foodcourt, a traditional one of course.

Char kwetiaw to boost up our mood, it was good but not great.

Wonton noodle soup is my personal fave here. The broth is fresh and savoury, the wontons are fat,juicy, boiled to perfection. Not to mention the springy noodle....lav...lav...!

Always ending every meal with some sweetness! If you have bad main course, a sweet ending definitely will help. If you have  good meal, some sweetness will be a satisfying closure. Anyway, ours are some custard pie, it was good, not too sweet, perfect for those who prefer less sweet for everything like Mr.HATT.

When I did some recap 'bout our KL trip, Win Heng Seng came as the highlight. Sure, the food was not superb but, the ambience of this place is great. We can mingle with locals, tasted a bit of their way of eating, and really feel the Peranakan  culture. Anyhow, I always have soft spot for Kopitiam. Please do try this place while you are in town.

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